31 days

Ash Wednesday came five days early for me that year.

Instead of a cross of ashes on my forehead, I got this: a bottle of blue pills. Zoloft, an antidepressant. Dust I am, and to dust I shall return. I spent months trying to make my way back again from depression, from anxiety.

For thirty-one days, I’m retracing my steps–how I made it to the other side. How I learned to think different, to be different. How, day by day, I shed so much of my old self like a skin.

How I healed. Or better yet: how I was healed.

day one | 31 days of healing

day two | telling the story: a beginning

day three | permission to fail

day four | telling the story: empty your hands

day five | thank you

day six | telling the story: give it up

day seven | sing

day eight | telling the story: look beside you

day nine | rest

day ten | fight

day eleven | love, wash over us

day twelve | telling the story: listen

day thirteen | telling the story: humble

day fourteen | not alone: links

day fifteen | telling the story: no denying

day sixteen | telling the story: dance

day seventeen | wrestle with God: a sermon

day eighteen | start again

day nineteen | look

day twenty | the only life you can save

day twenty-one | ask

day twenty-two | three things

day twenty-three | it will come

day twenty-four | lower the stakes

day twenty-five | because

day twenty-six | voice

day twenty-seven | fifty-one minutes

day twenty-eight | quiet

day twenty-nine | waiting

day thirty | happiness

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2 Responses to “31 days”

  1. Jack Mitchell November 2, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    I have been reading these this month through a reader, so haven’t had an easy way to comment, but now that we’re at the end, wanted to say how beautiful these have been. My wife deals with depression, and has since she was 16. She’s currently in the midst of another episode and is struggling to find her way, and to take care of herself. I’m not sure she’s in a place that she could read these right now without them being too triggering, but I hope that in a month or two, she might be. Have you considered either posting a feed that has the entire series, or posting an ebook version of them? They are definitely pieces that I would like to go back to over the next weeks as I look for how I can best support her through this.


  1. How children save us « Mercy not Sacrifice - October 26, 2012

    […] friend Christina is writing a very beautiful blog series this October about her battle with depression. One of her pieces describes this experience of having empty […]

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