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what i’m into {april showers edition}

7 May

It feels like it’s been raining constantly in San Diego. April showers and all that, I kept thinking. But in reality, this year is one of the dryest in recent record, says public radio.

why yes, i am wearing Target knock-off-Uggs on the beach.

why yes, i am wearing Target knock-off-Uggs on the beach.

So maybe I just expect it to be sunny Every! Single! Day! in San Diego and am surprised when it’s not.

But it does feel like the rain is falling, hard or gentle. It feels like things are beginning to grow.


I expected Lent and Easter to be crazy busy, since I work at a church and all. I was pleasantly surprised when, for me in children’s ministry land, it wasn’t.


With a kids’ talent Sunday in worship on Pentecost and then a Sunday School Sunday in worship two weeks later, I’m eating my words. April is all about preparation, it seems like. List-making, coordinating, figuring out how to showcase a third grader’s skateboard tricks in church, getting summer teachers together, helping plan VBS…I think my number is up.

It DID rain when I played tourist with our Chinese friend Sunny and toured the fancy-schmancy Hotel Del. It’s rained two out of three times we’ve taken her sightseeing. Coincidence?

Slowly, slowly, I am learning to take Sabbath. It’s harder than you’d think, with two jobs, both of them with working weekends. Thursday has been my Sabbath day, my sleep in day, my beach day, my reading day. It’s odd, to be resting while everyone else is working. Sometimes taking a Sabbath by myself on the day that I choose seems like the most laughably American thing to do. But it is a start, a little bit of rain falling on dry ground, a little promise of new life that I’m growing into.

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what i’m into {march 2013}

4 Apr


I’m a blog stalker. It’s true.

A ton of my favorite bloggers post monthly about the books, music, TV, and links they’ve been loving. I love lists. I have ever since my high school days, when I cut out the “Modern Library’s Top Books of the 20th Century” list from the newspaper and started highlighting books as I read them. (Not a nerd. Ahem.)

Since I’m blogging every day during the Fifty Days of Easter, I decided to summon up my courage, stop blog stalking, and actually write my OWN “What I’m Into” post. Here’s what I’ve been reading, listening to, watching, and doing in March.

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