love, wash over us {day 11}

11 Oct

Maybe it’s the poets and the singers that can tell it the truest. More than the speakers, the teachers, the preachers, the writers. They say enough, and then they leave it be.

Sara Groves sings the soundtrack to my life. I can name which song of hers I sang when I was going through particular times, can remember which album went with the year my father died, the year I was depressed in college, the year I went into the hospital and learned how to be kind to myself, to sleep and eat regularly and take my pills.

This song, “When It Was Over,” is one of my favorites. It’s about a couple who decides to come back from the brink, to lean in to each other again. I thought it was fiction.

“This song is about year seven of my marriage,” Sara confessed at a concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, I went to with my friends. I sat in the chair of the nondenominational church and wept all through the song of redemption, hope, and the healing that is both hard-won and nothing-but-grace.

Here’s a grainy YouTube video of that song. Or you can Spotify it.

Love, wash over a multitude of things. Make us whole…


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