that time i left a trail of stuff across the united states {an interlude}

1 Sep

You may have noticed a lack of posts in the past few days. This is not only due to my laziness car lag driving across two time zones in a matter of days laziness. In Smithville, I realized that I had left my laptop charger in Houston. Previously, in Alabama, I realized that I had left my camera battery charger in Kentucky. As my friend Sarah Beth put it, it’s like I’m leaving a trail of breadcrumbs across the United States so that I can find my way home when I need to.

We are in Tucson now. We’re La Jolla bound today. (La Jolla, for the record, is not pronounced “La Hoya,” not “La HOLLA,” but I’ve been pronouncing it that way in my mind, just for fun.) The saguaro cacti will give way to the palms in about seven hours time, and I, for one, am ready.

But in the meantime, stay tuned, because there will be adventures in New Orleans, Houston, Smithville/Austin, and Carlsbad to read about soon.

(Thanks to my husband, whose laptop I borrowed grabbed without asking while he was in the shower borrowed.)


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