worthwhile reads to start your week

22 May

Holy moly. 700 page views last weekend, for my post on graduation, community, and what the pictures don’t show you. If you’re a new reader, welcome! Here are a few worthwhile reads to start off your week, and I’ll see you back with a new post tomorrow. As the legendary Veronica Corningstone says, “Thanks for stopping by.”

It’s been about 73 and sunny here in Durham. Rolling down the windows and blasting the radio weather. Jogging on the nature trail weather (still gearing up for my first 5K in a couple weeks). Tending the baby lettuce, spinach, and arugula weather. (And by “tending,” I mean “doing absolutely nothing except looking at the lettuce and taking pictures of it.”) Going to see The Avengers weather…can’t spend all my time outdoors, after all.

If you’re stuck inside, though, might as well have some good reading. Here’s some writing that caught my attention this week.

Enough: Or Why We Should All Be Laughing in the Magazine Aisle | Rachel Held Evans makes fun of the now infamous Time cover…and the magazine messages that all women should be laughing at.

The headlines say things about “10 Ways to Snag a Man” and “4 Recipes Your Family Will Love” and “29 Ways To Lose Weight And Still Eat a Donut Every Day,” but what we really read is: Are you pretty enough? Are you crafty enough? Are you sexy enough? Are you stylish enough? Are you domestic enough? Are you enough?

The White Savior Industrial Complex | Provocative article by Teju Cole, an African living in America, about what American “help” to Africa really means.

But I disagree with the approach taken by the White Savior Industrial Complex in general, because there is much more to  doing good work than ‘making a difference.’ There is the principle of  first do no harm. There is the idea that those who are being helped  ought to be consulted over the matters that concern them.

On What I Think It Means to Be Pro-Life | Yes, yes, yes. Emily Wierenga captures perfectly what it means for me to be pro-life…for all people.

i am pro-life, i tell her. i advocate for the unborn, but i also advocate for the born. for the very much alive, and the broken.

Happy reading!


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