not divine yet

18 Nov

It’s nearing the end of my first semester here at Duke Divinity.  Well, about a month left, but with all the work still to be done with such a short amount of time, with the leaves falling and the days getting shorter, it sure feels like I’m nearing the end, at least.

I’ve debated on whether to blog or not during my time here and decided that I will, if for no other reason than to keep faraway family and friends updated on my life and write a little something nonacademic.

Although my brain feels gone from a day of Greek participles, Aquinas, and outlining an exam question about the Council of Nicaea, I’ll leave you with a quote, one of my favorites during my time here.  It hangs over my computer desk, to keep me at least a little bit centered.

Teach me to seek thee, and reveal thyself to me, when I seek thee, for I cannot seek thee, except thou teach me, nor find thee, except thou reveal thyself. Let me seek thee in longing, let me long for thee in seeking; let me find thee in love, and love thee in finding. Lord, I acknowledge and I thank thee that thou hast created me in this thine image, in order that I may be mindful of thee, may conceive of thee, and love thee; but that image has been so consumed and wasted away by vices, and obscured by the smoke of wrong‑doing, that it cannot achieve that for which it was made, except thou renew it, and create it anew. I do not endeavor, O Lord, to penetrate thy sublimity, for in no wise do I compare my understanding with that; but I long to understand in some degree thy truth, which my heart believes and loves. For I do not seek to understand that I may believe, but I believe in order to understand. For this also I believe, ‑‑that unless I believed, I should not understand.

-St. Anselm of Canterbury, Proslogium


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